Seth & Jessica

Our Story

On our first date, we went to a zoo​. 

Jessica remembers: "I had said I would pack a picnic...which I did. Except that we had been talking on the phone for a couple of months, and I was really nervous. I forgot the plates, napkins, forks -- the important stuff. Seth was so understanding! I remember being relieved, he wasn't upset or disappointed in the slightest. We ate what we could and joked about the whole thing. Now when we go somewhere, I'm still responsible for packing up the picnic. Occasionally I forget stuff, and Seth is still pretty laid back. We always laugh it off and have a great time. Same as we did that Sunday afternoon at the zoo."


Seth remembers Jessica being kind and witty, if at first a bit nervous: "We had been introduced through a mutual friend but we lived 500 miles apart from each other.  I flew to meet her in a city two hours drive from her house.  It was a warm spring day, and she was a bit late picking me up from the airport.  When her car pulled up she popped out and smiled at me with this big nervous smile.  As the afternoon went on her nervousness faded, and her sense of humor started to peek out.  By the time she dropped me off at the airport four hours later I was captivated." 

We got engaged!

On Labor Day, 2012, Seth proposed to Jessica: "After I popped the question, Jessica responded 'are you sure.'  I said yes, and so did she.  While it was not a story book proposal scene, neither of us have ever looked back."

We had a Wedding!

Our wedding was beautiful.  It was smaller than Jessica would have liked, and fancier that Seth would have preferred.  Jessica cried (with tears of joy) throughout the ceremony, and six years later we both look back on it as the happiest day of our lives.  

We love road trips. . . 

The great thing about a road trip is that we can stop where we want along the road without having to worry about it too much.  Which means we see some interesting stuff.  We have an agreement that either person can ask to stop when something interesting comes up...we've seen some great stuff!  

And We Lo​ve Fishing. . .

Early in our marriage we discovered that we both enjoy fishing, and both agree that there is nothing better than freshly caught fish.  Seth was also happy to discover that Jessica was happy to clean and gut their catch. 

For our 5 year anniversary, we had a party!!

We wanted to celebrate our marriage and all of the gifts that life has given us.   We were so honored that some of our out-of-town family were able to join us, and our friends gathered for the evening.    

We are warm, ready, and hoping to hear from you!