Seth & Jessica

We are ready to be parents. Let us show you what family means to us! 

Family, for us, is about the moments when you hand the other person a tissue because you know they're going to cry. That is what we want to share -- the connection, the closeness, the caring, the sharing, the growing and the support. Our friends tell us that we'd make good parents because we try to connect with their kids. It is strange for us to hear that because for us, life is about the relationships and learning from others -- not just about having some fun for a few minutes.

When we spend time with other people's children, we want to connect with the kids -- not only by playing, but also by having discussions and experiencing life with them as they learn, grow, and explore life. We also look forward to helping a child grow into an adult, and teaching a kid how to embrace and learn about the world around them. We look forward to teaching a child both how to read (and how to fish!), and, we hope, how to enjoy what life has to offer.

We are closely connected to family and friends, and have a warm and close social network. We look forward raising a child in a warm environment surrounded by family, neighbors, and friends.

We might come off as being a bit more formal, and perhaps we are, but we're also warm and genuine. We care deeply about our family, our friends and our community. We are not perfect and we don't pretend that we are. We know that life is full of hardships and challenges, but also that what is important is how you deal with things.  

We are warm, ready, and hoping to hear from you!