Seth & Jessica

We've spent a great deal of time thinking about how we might raise our child. We've dreamed about what traditions to pass down, what hobbies we might share as a family, and what foods we might make. These are the things that will make us unique as a family. 

What childhood things would we like to share?

Seth: I always enjoyed building things -- with legos, erector sets, model kits, etc!

Jessica: I had my name spelled out in animal shapes that was a puzzle, which I loved. I'm excited to get that for our child's room! I also have some of my childhood books that I'm excited to share. 

What favorite childhood foods we would make?

Seth: For birthdays and other special occasions, my mother would make her own take of a Baked Alaska (peppermint ice-cream, sitting on top of a sheet of brownies, and covered with meringue, baked and flambeed!) -- it's always been such a special treat.

Jessica:  Well 2 things -- hot dog salad (hot dogs, potatoes, mayo, celery and carrots), and a 7 minute boiled frosting for birthday cakes that my grandmother made. They were childhood staples.

What signature toys would we share?

Jessica: I got a plastic pink small teddy bear called Squeaky because he squeaked when squeezed.

Seth: 1001 electronic circuit kit, and silly putty (obviously).

Favorite winter food?

Jessica: Starting in November, Jessica always has to have whipped cream and hot chocolate around for cold days!

Seth: I am a big fan of making overnight bone soups when it gets cold, it's the perfect winter dish.

Favorite part of Thanksgiving?

Jessica: We often spend Thanksgiving with friends, and I love what one family does. The kids get involved with the holiday and what being thankful means to them. One year the theme was "attitude of gratitude". Another year the kids wrote notes to some favorite adults (including me and Seth!) about why we're important in their lives. It was both fun and thoughtful.

Seth: I don't recall my mother ever making thanksgiving--It was a holiday we always spent with friends and neighbors. To this day I have never made a turkey at home...but love eating it nonetheless. 

Favorite thing about winter time?

Jessica: I don't really like the cold, but there is a type of fluffy snow that I absolutely love. When the temperature is just cold enough for snow, but isn't too cold, and there is no wind. The snow fall is gracious and elegant. I love watching it, bundling up and going for a walk -- and then having hot chocolate when I get home!

Seth: I do love the snow and cold, and as a kid always wanted to play in the snow as soon as it started to fall. I also have very fond memories of toboggining down the hill in the back yard!